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When deciding on a paint or wallpaper project, we  understand the anticipation of the end result. Getting there, however, is another story. Decisions such as color, style, look and execution are difficult to make.

You may think once you decide on a paint color, all you need to do is get the least expensive product, get it mixed and away you go. But Don Smith Paint understands there’s more to it than that. We’ve learned over the years that customers have high expectations of the completed job. Whether you’re an expert or a novice at painting, one thing is for sure — the better the paint quality, the better the results.

Not too many people LOVE painting. After all, it does take work to do the set-up, the actual painting and then the clean-up; sometimes two to three times if the paint doesn’t cover or doesn’t wear well. And in that case, you need to paint more often.

The best quality products do save money and time over the long-run. Think of it this way:

Let’s say you have 1,000 square feet to paint. Paint needed for this job could look like this:

Average Quality Paint

  • 4 gallons of paint @ $30 ea. for the first coat
  • Let dry
  • 3 gallons of paint @ $30 ea. for the second coat
  • 3-year duration
  • Repeat process
  • 6-year lifespan at a cost of $420

Best Quality Paint

  • 3 gallons of paint @ $50 ea. for the first coat
  • Let dry
  • 2 gallons of paint @ $50 ea. for the second coat
  • 6-year duration
  • 6-year lifespan at a cost of $250 (a $170 savings)

And don’t forget your time is worth more than you think. Buy the best paint you can and it will pay off with excellent results. You may spend a bit more money up front, but you’ll actually save in the long-run by using the best paint.

Click the links associated with this tab to research the best paints we carry. Whether it’s Benjamin Moore, California Paints, or Prairie Paint we’ll help you find the best for your project.